Munderloh Scholarship Grant

The Munderloh scholarship grant is $3,000 per year and is available to full-time seminary students pursuing a career in the parish ministry at Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. The initial scholarship grant is awarded based upon the Foundation trustees' assessment of an applicant's financial need and academic achievement as compared to other applicants. After receiving an initial scholarship grant, a student may reapply for up to two additional grants in subsequent years at the seminary. Reapplications are awarded primarily on the basis of financial need. No scholarship grants are available for intern/vicarage years.

Under special circumstances, students who are not full-time and students preparing for related Word and Sacrament ministries to the parish ministry may be considered for scholarship grants.

The Foundation pays the scholarship grants directly to the seminaries in three installments in October, January and March of each academic year.

Initial Application

Application for Grant forms are supplied by the Foundation to the financial aid office of each of the four seminaries or may be downloaded from this website. These forms are intended for the use of first-time scholarship applicants and should be completed and returned to the financial aid office of the seminary along with the other documents required by the application for forwarding to the Foundation. The deadline for initial applications to be received by the Foundation is the July 15th preceding the school year for which aid is sought.

The following documents are required to be filed with the initial application:
  • A brief autobiography describing the student's background, interests, motivation to study for the ministry and any other information believed to be helpful;
  • Official transcript(s) of grades from colleges and universities previously attended;
  • Pastor's Recommendation; and
  • Letter of recommendation from a teacher or other person.
All information requested on the application form must be furnished in complete and accurate detail along with the student's biography, transcripts and recommendations. Incomplete applications will not be considered, barring unusual circumstances.

Initial scholarship grant applications are considered by the Board of Trustees in August of each year. Once a scholarship grant is awarded to a student, that student is assigned to a Foundation trustee to whom all future communications with the Foundation are to be addressed. The trustee, upon notifying the student that he or she has been awarded a scholarship grant, will also forward the Foundation's Challenge Grant Agreement form for signature and return to the Foundation. Each Foundation scholarship grant is a "challenge grant" - a commitment by the student to recruit others to the parish ministry. Scholarship grant monies will not be paid to the seminary on behalf of a student until he or she returns a signed Challenge Grant Agreement form to the Foundation.

Students who are awarded scholarship grants are asked to accept a "challenge" to encourage others to study for a career in the parish ministry. While parents, pastors, teachers and laypersons are vital to the recruitment program to the Church, students-in-training can often better communicate the need for ministers to others with whom they are acquainted. Additionally, the sharing of a student's convictions on the worth of the ministry often serves to clarify and strengthen the student's own position and understanding of his or her own calling.


Scholarship grant recipients who wish to reapply for a grant for a subsequent academic year must submit a new Application for Grant form with updated financial information (an autobiographical statement, transcripts and recommendations are not required on a reapplication) directly to the Foundation through his or her assigned trustee by the July 1st preceding the school year for which aid is sought. The Application for Grant form may be downloaded here or obtained through the seminary financial aid office or the student's assigned trustee. The July 1st deadline is strictly enforced unless there are extenuating circumstances.

If the applicant is awarded another scholarship grant, the Foundation requires the execution of another Challenge Grant Agreement form to remind the student of his or her commitment to recruit another to the parish ministry.

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